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laCarte Build Status

With laCarte you can collect orders for a group of people. Each Order consists of a number of Menus, each with a date and a number of Dishes.


The installation script setup.php downloads all dependencies with composer and sets up the SQLite database and configuration files and can also run the tests. So all you need to do is.

git clone
cd lacarte
php setup.php install
php setup.php test


This project started as a proof-of-concept for an experimental framework I've been working on named watoki. Above all the routing/controller system curir and the template engine tempan. Buts it's not just an academic exercise since it's actually in use at researchgate together with an iPad application.


I would be happy to find contributers. If you find a bug or are missing a feature, check out the issues which I'm using for project management. The + tags refer to the importance of an issue.

If you are only interested in HTML: you can browse through the templates even without PHP.