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A module to support living documentation similar to cucumber/behat + relish by making the test suites of an application browsable.


Scrut can be used to browse through the specifications of a system. These are written in code instead of plain text files. Thus they can be executed directly without additional libraries and all advantages of modern IDEs like code browsing and refactoring can be used. For browsing and displaying, the specification classes are parsed into a structured format including folders, tags, stories and scenarios. An example:

 * @tag currentIteration
 * @property GuestFixture guests<-
 * @property PartyFixture party<-
 * @property DontInject foo
class SomeCoolStuffTest extends Specification {

    function story() {
        return "In order to achieve something awesome
                as the guy responsible for awesomeness
                I want to do something awesome."

    function background() {

    function testTwoGuests() {
        $this->guests->given_GetsInvitedToThePartyOf('Bart', 'Milhouse');
        $this->guests->given_GetsInvitedToThePartyOf('Lisa', 'Milhouse');


The class name serves as the name of the feature/story/specification and it's description is returned by the story method. Scenarios are implemented as methods and are executed by the test runner (e.g. PHPUnit). The steps are implemented as methods of either fixture classes (guests and party in this example) or the Specification class itself. When the class is parsed, the post-fix notation of PHP is transformed into an in-fix notation using the underscores in the method names as place holder. The above example would be displayed the following way.

Specification: Some cool stuff

    In order to achieve something awesome
    as the guy responsible for awesomeness
    I want to do something awesome.

Scenario: Two guests
    Given Bart gets invited to the party of Milhouse
      And Lisa gets invited to the party of Milhouse
    When the pary starts
    Then there should be 2 guests

Executing specification

Specifications can be executed individually or in groups. If the automation happens below the presentation layer, its output can be linked to the presentation and the result be displayed for visual inspection. This way, the behaviour of layouts in various scenarios can be checked easily.

Best practices

Scrut is also meant to serve as a framework and document best practices for writing and managing a living documentation.